Clinical Strength Alaskan Omega-3

 Pure Alaska Omega(tm) Clinical Strength Alaskan Omega-3 is a highly refined and molecularly distilled fish oil ethyl ester (EE).  It is concentrated to 85% total omega-3’s, of which, an amazing 80% is EPA and DHA.  No other fish oil that we are currently aware of on the dietary supplement market is this powerful!  As a result, we can pack the highest dose of Omega-3 fatty acids into the smallest possible softgel.


People looking to increase their Omega-3 intake who don't want to take multiple fish oil softgels or large hard-to-swallow softgels with 1,200mg - 1,500mg of fish oil every day, will love our 85% fish oil concentrate.   Each of  mini-softgels is filled with only 625 mg of fish oil, making them very easy to swallow, yet each mini-softgel delivers just over 530mg of Omega-3's!   This is the highest concentration of Omega-3's in the smallest softgel in today's fish oil supplement market that we know of.
In addition to the well-known benefits one may derive from the addition of Omega-3 fish oils to their diet, Alaskan Omega-3 85% Concentrate is:

  • Made in Alaska, USA! 

  • Certified Sustainable -  by the Marine Stewardship Council (

  • Highest concentration of Omega-3's available in the supplement market.

  • Fresh taste - No foul, fishy aftertaste or foul burps because the oil is made in a sanitary food-grade plant, as a food for human consumption

  • 100% Traceable - We control quality from the harvest, through refining, encapsulation, bottling, and distribution all the way to your door!

  • Smallest softgel delivering the biggest omega-3 punch in the market.

  • Clean, Pure, & safe - regularly tested for heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, and freshness by certified 3rd party labs