Omega-3 Wild Alaska Salmon Oil

Our Wild Alaska Salmon Oil is made using a gentle, cold-pressed process that preserves all 8 essential fatty acids (EFAs) found naturally in wild salmon. Our ocean-going production vessel operates in the icy waters of Alaska's salmon fishing grounds so we are assured of nothing but the freshest salmon. Our unique process allows us to capture every part of the salmon oil making it as close to eating whole fish as you can get in a supplement.

Our whole-fraction salmon oil includes a balanced ratio of the omega-3s EPA and DHA - plus 6 other essential fatty acids as naturally found in wild Alaska salmon. It also contains oil soluble nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, bio-flavonoids, and carotenoids. While not as well-known as omega-3, these oil soluble micro-nutrients play an essential role in our bodies.

Pure Alaska Omega Salmon Oil is the only cold-pressed, extra-virgin, omega-3 fish oil supplement in today's market made exclusively from wild Alaska Salmon.  It is made in Alaska, on the fishing grounds where freshly caught wild salmon are delivered to our plants each day during the salmon season.  A unique low temperature process and modern, state-of-the-art, food grade equipment, is used for our gentle oil extraction. 
Unlike all other fish oils supplements in the market today, Pure Alaska Omega is not further refined (not bleached, degummed, deodorized, winterized nor molecularly distilled).  Because we produce our oil in a sanitary, government inspected, food grade facility, using food grade salmon, and because our Alaska salmon are below detection limits for heavy metals and extremely low in persistent organic pollutants like PCB or Dioxin we are not forced to refine our oil to make it safe for human consumption.

Available at all US Costco warehouses and all US Sam's Clubs.

Our gentle, low temperature process coupled with our clean Alaska Salmon allows us to bring  high quality unrefined fish oil from "the source” to the market in a way that nature intended.  All the fatty acids found in wild salmon, and in particular EPA (eicosapentaenioc acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which are very abundant in wild salmon, remain in a balanced and naturally-formed state in Pure Alaska Omega.  Even more important, many oil soluble compounds such as antioxidants (e.g. astaxanthin) and vitamins A, D, E, and K, also remain  in our oil.  These oil soluble compounds are not there by accident and surely play a role in the pathways the oils follow in our bodies.  Simply put, Pure Alaska Omega is   naturally balanced, and unadulterated fish oil, mirroring the oil found in free swimming Alaska salmon.

Pure Alaska Omega Natural Alaska Salmon Oil is made in on a one-of-a-kind and state of the art processing ship, the Alaskan Venturer, (A/V) using a proprietary and unique cold press oil extraction process.  The A/V operates in the icy cold waters of Alaska during the commercial salmon harvest season enabling us to source the freshest salmon for oil production. We use exclusively 100% wild Alaska salmon and our raw materials are completely traceable to the day and place of harvest. 

Our gentle process allows us to capture many components of a salmon's oil.  As a result, a balanced ratio of the omega-3 long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA's) including EPA and DHA as well as all other essential and "conditionally" essential fatty acids will be present in Pure Alaska Omega. 

Omega-3* & Essential Fatty Acids in Pure Alaska Omega Natural Salmon Oil
LA   AA  
* over 300mg Omega-3/softgel

Other oil soluble nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, bio-flavonoids, and carotenoids will be present in their natural balance and, while not as well known or studied as the omega-3's, these oil soluble nutrients may also play an essential role in our bodies.

Typical Vitamin Content per Softgel - Pure Alaska Omega Natural Salmon Oil
A (Retinol) D E   Astaxanthin
70 IU 140 IU 0.4 IU   2ug/g

It is impossible to talk about the quality of Pure Alaska Omega without addressing the fundamental difference between our low temperature process and the high heat rendering process used for the production and refining of almost all other fish oils on the market.   The majority of fish oils available in softgels and as bottled liquids come from the industrial fish meal rendering industry, mostly from South America where sardine and anchovies are the main species targeted for fish oil and fish meal reduction.   The fish are not harvested, transported, stored, or processed for direct human consumption and therefore lack sanitary controls or regulation.  The oil must therefore be refined and pasteurized for safe human consumption.  

The main steps involved in fish oil refining include, bleaching, degumming, deodorizing, pasteurizing, winterizing, and ultimately "molecular distillation" and are necessary to ensure the absence of undesirable tastes and odors, oxidation by-products(peroxides), and to remove environmental contaminants and heavy metals which concentrate in these oils during refining.  Heat as high as 150C (300°F) and chemicals are added during these refining steps.  These high temperatures will cook most oil soluble compounds out of the oil.

Molecular distillation is also used to concentrate the two most well-known essential fatty acids in the Omega-3 family, EPA and DHA. This process alters the relative natural proportions of the oil, removing some of the very valuable essential fatty acids that our bodies need. While highly effective in removing contaminants such as PCB and methyl mercury from the oil, molecular distillation changes the fish oil into something far removed from its whole fish origins.

Pure Alaska Omega natural salmon oil is an edible oil made for human consumption.  It does not need to be additionally refined or distilled for safe human consumption because the salmon we use are harvested, transported, stored and processed as a food under the guidelines of our US FDA HACCP food safety regulations, a fact of which we are most proud.   Our plant is a sanitary food grade plant, not an industrial rendering facility and Alaska salmon are extremely low (generally below detection limits) in heavy metals and other environmental pollutants.   As a result, we are able to deliver our oil as a ready to eat food, rather than a refined and distilled oil.  Rest assured, we constantly test our oil to ensure environmental contaminant levels do not unexpectedly rise.