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Great stuff

I was surprised that there was no unpleasant after taste that you sometimes get with fish oil products. I personally think this is a very high quality product.

My joints thank you

Since I have been taking Pure Alaska Omega, my joint pain is a thing of the past.
2 Days taking this - my dry eyes are feeling great!

I have been taking just 2 softgels a day for the last 2 days. Marked improvement in my eye dryness and tear quality. I am so happy!!!

Best fish oil ever!!!

I have been taking Pure Alaska Omega fish oil capsules for almost two years and I don't have one complaint about it. I have tried everything from walmart brands to highly advertised pharmacuetical brands. The fish oil contents are everything it touts and more. I recently went to the doctor to have my physical and discovered that my hdl (good cholesterol) was better than my ldl. My overall, cholesterol level was good as was my tryglycerides. Also, keep in mind that this was my first visit to the doctors office in ten plus years. I stand behind this product and I recommend you try it if you have no already.


My daughter was born with familial high cholesterol. At age 10 her total Cholesterol was 346 mg/dL, HDL was 40 mg/dL and LDL was 273 mg/dL. She was put on 10 mg Lipitor daily, then it was increased to 20 mg daily a few years later when the ultimate results could not be achieved with 10 mg. With Lipitor she was able to bring her total Chol down to 222, HDL remained at about 40 and LDL never got below 139. Just 2 months ago she started taking Pure Alaska Omega 100% Natural Omega-3 Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Costco. This is the only change she has made in her diet and exercise regime and today we got her latest blood test results! Total Cholesterol dropped to 209 mg/dL! HDL increased to 63mg/dL! LDL dropped to a healthy 118 mg/dL!!! I couldn't be happier and will recommend this AMAZING Salmon Oil to everyone I know!!

eczema and blepharitis

Since taking these my eczema on my back and my blepharitis in my eyes has completely gone. Many thanks

United Kingdom


Since I have been taking this, its like I'm a whole new me. My mood has changed, I have more energy, and all together I just feel better.


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