Our Pure Alaska Omega salmon oil is made from the same high quality fish we catch and deliver to your dinner plate.

So our oil is ready to consume at the time of extraction, with no further processing required.

To ensure the quality and safety of our product, we control the chain of custody every step of the way — from sea to supplement. We know exactly where our fish originates because our fishermen catch it in the wild waters of Alaska — rather than from fish farms or foreign reduction fisheries.

Pure Alaska Omega is crafted using only food-grade materials in Trident Seafoods facilities, right here in the U.S. All our facilities operate in compliance to FDA cGMPs and Seafood HACCP requirements.

Wild-caught Alaska salmon is naturally low in pollutants and contaminants. In addition, we routinely test our oil for heavy metals, toxins, and contaminants like PCBs to verify compliance with standards set by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), and state-specific regulations like California State’s Proposition 65.

Pure Alaska Omega Wild Alaska Salmon Oil is USP Verified! So you can have confidence in the identity, potency, safety/purity, and performance of your Pure Alaska Omega Salmon Oil supplement.

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our unique cold-press process

Blending age-old olive oil extraction technique with Alaskan ingenuity, we've pioneered a unique cold-press process to produce our extra virgin salmon oil.

It starts by using only fresh wild-caught salmon from the cold, clean waters of Alaska. The pieces of fish that aren’t destined for your dinner plate are used for immediate oil extraction.

The fish is “cold-pressed” using minimal heat and mechanical force to extract the oil. By avoiding harsh chemicals, solvents, and extreme temperatures, our gentle extraction method protects the oil along with its naturally occurring vitamins and the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin.

This is what gives Pure Alaska Omega Salmon Oil its signature amber color.

Just as extra virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of olives, Pure Alaska Omega Salmon Oil comes from the first “press” of the fish. Made with salmon that is naturally low in environmental pollutants, like mercury, and produced in sanitary food-grade facilities, our oil is a finished product at the time we extract it.

The last step is adding vitamin E antioxidant to maintain freshness.

No additional high-heat processing or refining is needed to ensure a safe, high-quality supplement.

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